Top 5 Best  for  Clash Royale Goblin Queen’s Journey Decks

Goblin Queen Journey Clash Royale is something big that one was expecting that Supercell would just create a whole new ranking ladder solely based on Goblin troops. This special mode has Gobklinqueeninsteaof regular king and she produces a baby goblin once, The goblin bar is filled based on how many Goblin cards are in your deck. The more you use the goblins card the faster the bar fills and launches 6 baby goblins toward enemy base.

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So, Now as per requirement, you should use most of the goblins in your decks, and if you are still wondering which Clash Royale Goblin Queen decks are useful. We bring 5 powerful and winning Clash Royale Goblin Queen Journey Decks for you.

Note: This event is full of goblin cards. If you’re lacking goblin cards, you can buy Clash Royale accounts that already have all goblin cards unlocked and upgraded.

Top 5 Best  for Clash Royale Goblin Queen Journey Decks

Deck 1: Bowler Goblin Giant Deck (800-1000 Trophies)


  1. Goblin Giant
  2. Bowler
  3. Goblin Cage
  4. Goblins
  5. Goblin demolisher
  6. Dark Goblin
  7. Goblin Gang
  8. Arrows

Deck Strategy:

  • Core Idea: The Bowler is your MVP here, dealing with all the goblins and tanking for the Goblin Giant.
  • Playstyle: Start with a defensive Bowler to handle goblin swarms. Use the Goblin Giant for a strong counter-push. Activate the Goblin Queen Clash Royale ability to overwhelm your opponent.
  • Tips: Be aggressive but not too heavy-handed early on. Time your Clash Royale Goblin Queen ability to maximize damage.

Deck 2: Balloon Goblin Deck (1000-1200 Trophies)


  1. Balloon
  2. Goblin Cage
  3. Dart Goblin
  4. Goblins
  5. Arrows
  6. Goblin Giant
  7. Log
  8. Goblin demolisher

Deck Strategy:

  • Core Idea: The Balloon dominates early levels where air counters are rare.
  • Playstyle: Use Goblin Cage and Valkyrie to tank and clear ground units. Deploy the Balloon when you see an opening.
  • Tips: Early on, players lack air counters, making this deck particularly effective. Adjust if you start encountering more air defenses.

Deck 3: Lavaloon Deck (1200-1500 Trophies)


  1. Lava Hound
  2. Balloon
  3. Valkyrie
  4. New spell
  5. Skeleton Dragons
  6. Arrows
  7. Inferno Dragon
  8. Bomber

Deck Strategy:

  • Core Idea: Heavy air assault with ground support to deal with goblin swarms.
  • Playstyle: Start with Lava Hound at the back, build a push with Balloon, and support with Valkyrie and Bomber for splash damage.
  • Tips: Focus on defense first, then build a strong push. Be mindful of saving elixir for counter-pushes.

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Deck 4: Goblin Barrel Evo Deck (1500-1800 Trophies)


  1. Goblin Giant
  2. Goblin Barrel
  3. Goblin Demolisher
  4. Goblin Cage
  5. Goblins
  6. Dart Goblin
  7. Goblin Gang
  8. log


  • Core Idea: Quick cycle with strong Goblin Barrel plays.
  • Playstyle: Use Goblin Giant to tank and Goblin Barrel for constant pressure. Cycle quickly to keep your opponent on their toes.
  • Tips: Force out spells with Goblin Barrel and capitalize on your opponent’s elixir deficit.

Deck 5: Turbo Goblin Curse Deck (1800+ Trophies)


  1. Balloon
  2. Goblin Cage
  3. Goblin
  4. Dart Goblin
  5. Goblins Curse
  6. Arrows
  7. Goblin Giant
  8. Goblin Demolisher

Deck Strategy:

  • Core Idea: Mix Goblin Curse with Balloon for high damage output.
  • Playstyle: Utilize Goblin Curse to weaken enemy troops and clear paths for your Balloon. Use the Goblin Cage and Bomber for solid defense.
  • Tips: Goblin Curse is excellent against swarm units, making it crucial in this goblin-heavy mode. Pair it with a Balloon for devastating pushes.

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