Maintaining Your Dream Garden Through Aftercare

Maintaining a garden’s beauty and health requires ongoing effort and dedication. Garden Aftercare is essential to ensure your outdoor space remains vibrant and enjoyable throughout the year. Not everyone needs a complete garden overhaul; sometimes, a little maintenance can breathe new life into an existing garden. This article explores the significance of Garden Aftercare, from initial design considerations to ongoing maintenance, and highlights the tailored aftercare packages available to keep your garden in pristine condition.

The Importance of Garden Aftercare

Garden Aftercare is often overlooked but is crucial for the long-term health and aesthetics of your garden. It involves routine activities such as jet washing, re-grouting patios, pruning, and weeding. These tasks help maintain the garden’s appearance and prevent costly repairs in the future. Proper aftercare ensures that your garden remains a beautiful and functional space, reflecting the care and passion invested during its creation.

Benefits of Garden Aftercare Packages

  1. Extended Warranty: Our aftercare packages extend your 12-month standard warranty, offering peace of mind and protection for your investment.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: Small remedial work is addressed early, preventing long-term damage and costly repairs.
  3. Time-Saving: Our services give you back your time, so you can enjoy your garden without the hassle of maintenance.
  4. Year-Round Beauty: Regular maintenance keeps your garden looking new and beautiful all year round.

Tailored Garden Aftercare Packages

We offer three distinct Garden Aftercare packages designed to meet varying needs and budgets:

Silver Package

Starting at £497, this package includes:

  • One full day at your property
  • Extended warranty
  • Pressure washing paved areas to remove algae, grime, and dirt
  • Clearing Aco drains to prevent surface water on your patio
  • Remedial work and small repairs, such as re-grouting and leveling paving
  • Turf repairs to maintain the lawn’s appearance
  • Weeding and tidying borders

Gold Package

Starting at £897, this package provides:

  • Two full days at your property
  • All benefits of the Silver Package
  • Additional services such as cutting back tree branches and pruning to prevent disease

Platinum Package

Starting at £1,497, this comprehensive package includes:

  • Four full days at your property
  • All benefits of the Gold Package
  • Replacing perennial shrubs or trees planted by us
  • Taking care of your garden while you are on holiday or working abroad

The Garden Design Process

Creating your dream garden involves a meticulous process to ensure that every detail aligns with your vision. Here are the six steps to garden design:

  1. Enquiry: Contact our team to book a free consultation at your home.
  2. Consultation: We visit your home to understand your goals and discuss how we can design your garden.
  3. Site Assessment: Our designers conduct a detailed site survey, taking measurements and images.
  4. Design: We develop a concept plan for your approval and create 3D visuals of your garden.
  5. Design Reveal: We present the completed 3D design visuals at your home.
  6. The Build: With the approved design, we begin construction, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Client Testimonials

Professor John Ritson

“McKeown Landscapes Ltd, led by Matt and Pete McKeown, are specialist garden landscapers and designers. We are highly delighted with the work they have done, re-building and laying patios, building and edging flower beds, and laying new turf. Their workmanship is of the highest quality, and they provide friendly and efficient service. They have been accommodating to the initial garden design and made suggestions for improvements as the work progressed. The work has been accomplished with painstaking thoroughness and reliability. We would recommend them without hesitation and would undoubtedly use them again.”

April G-W

“Matt and the team completely overhauled our garden, transforming it from a boggy new-build disaster into something splendid. The team was professional, hard-working, and 100% reliable. The work exceeded our expectations, and we love our new garden. They faced various challenges, including weather and site conditions, without complaints. Would we recommend them? Absolutely! Great work, guys. Thanks for giving us a garden we can be proud of.”

Real-Life Transformations

Our portfolio showcases a range of projects that highlight our expertise in garden design and aftercare. Each garden is a testament to our commitment to creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces tailored to our clients’ needs and preferences.

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Garden Design with Sleepers and Gravel

Using sleepers and gravel can transform your garden into a low-maintenance and visually appealing space. Here’s how to effectively incorporate these elements:

  1. Define Garden Beds: Use sleepers to create raised garden beds, adding structure and visual interest.
  2. Pathways: Create gravel pathways for easy access and a natural look.
  3. Borders: Use sleepers as edging to contain gravel and define areas.
  4. Focal Points: Highlight features like seating areas or sculptures with gravel and sleeper borders.
  5. Maintenance: Use weed barrier fabric under gravel to minimize weed growth.
  6. Lighting: Enhance visibility and ambiance with outdoor lighting along pathways.

Virtual 3D Gardens

For clients who struggle to visualize their dream garden, our virtual 3D garden designs offer a realistic view. This technology helps bridge the gap between imagination and reality, ensuring complete satisfaction before construction begins.


Garden Aftercare is a vital aspect of maintaining a beautiful and functional outdoor space. From initial design to ongoing maintenance, every step is crucial in creating and preserving your dream garden. Our tailored aftercare packages provide peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your garden without the burden of upkeep. Embrace the journey of Garden Aftercare and let your garden remain a testament to nature’s beauty and human creativity.

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